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  • fights against harmful free radicals
  • prevents 200+ types of health diseases
  • boost immune system!

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12 Months

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attention! read this... Before you take another sip of water!

Nobel Prize Award winning scientist Discovered NEW Miracle Water Formula Prevents Over 200 + Types Of Health Diseases!

In Most Cases…Ends Pain, Swelling, Inflammation & Even Aids In Weight Loss Naturally!

Hey friend,  I have to be real honest with you. By now you should be aware that you are currently heavily exposed to toxic free radicals from environmental pollution to poor dietary nutrition…high levels of stress at work or even unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking & drinking! Shocking?
That’s not it.
All these results in Increasing your risk of many forms of cancer, damage in the interior lining of your blood vessels, leading to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke!

But all of that can be changed by changing the water you drink!


High Cortisol Levels

environmental pollution

Harmful Toxins In The Air


High Sugar & Carbohydrate Diets Releases Free Radicals

poor lifestyle habits

Smoking & Drinking

[watch] HOW "hydrogen"
the world's most powerful antioxidant can defend your body against toxic free radicals...

that damages healthy cells & shorten your lifespan!

Free radicals are produced by exogenous agents. These species react with your DNA causing damages to cells, proteins and DNA! which is also called oxidative damage implicated in mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, and aging.  To prevent oxidative damage, we’ve created HOW®.

We've created HOW®...
Now You Can Charge Up Your Water With Up To 99.97% Pure Hydrogen Optimized Water in just 5 mins!

  • neutralize free radicals
  • build stronger immune system
  • suppresses inflamation
  • suppresses inflamation
  • prevents brain damage
  • supresses growth of cancer cells
  • promotes gut health
  • protects the eyes
  • protects the liver lungs & heart

discover how drinking "hydrogen optimized water" can lower your risk of cancer & even diabetes!

Download the free guide on hydrogen optimized water & find out how.

forget about vitamin c / e / coenzyme q10 / catechin to stay healthy!

HOW® uses the Most Advanced SPE/ PEM Technology…

To Generate up to 2000 PPB Hydrogen Antioxidant Concentration in your water!

That’s hundreds of times more powerful than other supplements!

Hydrogen rich water products that use SPE technology and electrolysis plate, have PEM (proton exchange membrane), so they produce pure and safe hydrogen rich water, without by products such as Ozone, Chlorine and other Oxides.

In fact, hydrogen rich water products that do not have PEM technology may result in a reverse effect than you expect. It may not produce antioxidant water with negative ORP values, but even more oxidative water than regular tap water. Low quality products often do exactly opposite than what they claim and can harm your health.

Best for...


strengthening system immunity


Prolongs Lifespan


Improves Performance
& Stamina


Keep them away from Free Radicals!


Wesley Miller
Wesley Miller
I Highly Recommend To Everyone
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I just received the stick yesterday and had my first hydrogen water last night right before bed. I did not expect to feel anything for a couple of weeks but I felt difference in the same night. Things like this normally take over time to see the difference. I have issues with fatigue, insomnia, BM, chronic shoulder tension and am tired every single day. First thing I noticed was when I got up to go to bathroom in the middle of the night my shoulder felt a bit light. Which doesn't happen that easily even with a single massage session. It was a subtle lift in the heaviness of my shoulders. Then the biggest thing was I was able to wake up and get going right away in the morning. It normally takes me 45 min - an hour before I finally get up from the bed to get going on my day due to fatigue, lack of sleep and body tension. I haven't had a morning like this for years. I had another glass when I woke up in the morning and then around 1pm. I haven't had this much energy and feel of awareness for a long time. I am very excited to keep on drinking this water.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith
Works Wonders For Me!!
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The Hydrogen stick is truly a marvel of science, it helped me to boost my alkalinity which is what was missing to heal my leaky gut and my eczema among many other health issues, it works, makes the water taste better and gives stamina and vitality, I love it, the price is a bit high but it's worth it! Having said that don't expect one thing to solve all your health problems if you have any, the secret is a combination of things that brings on the healing. I highly recommend the book many ailments one cause by Dr.Pagan, 99% chance whatever you have going that book will help you heal from it or at least give you a solid direction of where to look. God bless you!
Cally Jones
Cally JonesLove Love Love It!
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I can't function without these... one size/approach does not fit all when it comes to health, as everyone has different combinations of genetics and environmental and pathogen exposures, but for me, if I don't use these regularly my chronic fatigue comes back heavy. I can always tell when the stick is losing its potency as I am feeling drained again. At some point I would like to get an ionizer installed at my kitchen sink, but would still purchase these for when on the road, etc.
MichaelExperienced numbness!
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By the way, a little story on what the tabs are doing for me. I had a minor stroke couple of years ago which affected three fingers of my left hand. Lost strength, experienced numbness and ability to hold silverware. By first bottle of two tabs a day , numbness leaving and strength returning. Edema in my legs going away at eight tabs a day.
ChristyThank you SO much!!
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My son and I have been fighting over the hydrogen water. He has type 1 diabetes and I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I have noticed more energy and the most exciting improvement is his blood sugars were much more stable and he's using less insulin. Thank you SO much!!
JulieReally interested!!
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Alot of people think this is a crazy idea to drink more hydrogen but it seems to be helping my energy levels and I feel better. I have only been drinking it a couple weeks now but I feel laggy when I don't have it. Really interested in seeing how the tablets work for me as I have only tried the water bottle infuser method so far.
JessicaGreat excitement!!
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My H2 tablets have made a big difference in my overall energy levels, plus reduced joint and tissue pain, due to reduced inflammation. As a medical doctor I follow the science of H2 water with great excitement. H2 tablets are a breakthrough health product, and a game changer for feeling better.
My dad has Parkinson’s Disease…
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My dad has Parkinson’s disease, and since starting HOW, he has better balance, more energy, and he is walking instead of shuffling. His arms used to fall asleep at night and they don’t do that any more. Dad is getting his swing back in left arm. That’s the first thing he noticed when this disease started showing symptoms. He couldn’t swing a bat playing ball with the kids, but he’s getting it back!
I am a type one diabetic…
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I am a type one diabetic and just like all other diabetics, keeping blood sugars in line is difficult. I began drinking HOW after my brother recommended it to me. I began seeing results after a few days. The water curbed my appetite so I was eating less and was able to lower my dose of insulin and in turn keeping my blood sugars in a normal range. Not only did I see improvements in my life as a diabetic but also in my active life. I would drink HOW after a work out, after my normal work outs I am usually tired and become sore the next day but after drinking HOW, I was energized and never felt sore! I would highly recommend HOW to anyone! HOW goes beyond what you’re expecting, and fixes things you didn’t even know needed fixing!
Fewer pain episodes from Sickle Cell Disease…
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I started drinking HOW a couple of months ago. In that time I have noticed that I have fewer pain episodes from Sickle Cell Disease. I now drink one daily. I highly recommend it for anyone.
I Love HOW®
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My cholesterol was out of control at 210 and my doctor said I would have some serious health issues if I don’t get it under control. After a few weeks drinking hydrogen water and lifestyle changes my cholesterol dropped to 120. Thank you.
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